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The beauty of being a misfit is the recognition that you are insignificant against this backdrop of a planet.  It's easier to find your niche this way.  Mine is in the outdoors.  Ever changing, interacting with all the elements, of land, water, and air, the planet thrives on life and death. 


Where do you fit in? Where or how will you find your place?  In today's strange Covid embedded world, many of us are trying to find our place.  Most people have found that they need a bit of the natural world to stay sane.  Some have found that they need a lot of it. 


With nature comes a recognition that we need it not only for our mental well-being, but for our future.  We act on the survival of every organism (plants, animals, microbes)  based on the choices we make. This is just a glimpse into the world as I have seen it.  

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