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Tambopata National Reserve


Action Piece

Biome - Amazon Rainforest

Location: Sachavacayoc Amazon Field Centre,

Newton College


The Amazon Rainforest is perhaps the most uniquely biodiverse system on the planet which is considered a hotspot. A biodiversity hotspot is a location biologically rich in species which is also highly threatened with extinction. Only 36 regions of the planet qualify as biodiversity hotspots and this area is particularly rich.

You are about to embark on a journey to one of the most biodiverse regions of the planet - the Tambopata National Reserve - located within the broader Madre de Dios Region of the Peruvian Amazon. The Tambopata National Reserve boasts over 1,000 species of butterflies, 632 species of birds, 169 species of mammals, and 10,000 species of plants.

In addition to the rich biodiversity, there are diverse indigenous communities inhabiting this region such as the Ese’Eja peoples which were traditionally nomadic individuals that traveled throughout the forest sustaining themselves through fishing, hunting and gathering for survival. Although they continue to inhabit this region of the Amazon, their livelihoods are in constant jeopardy. Due to receding forests brought upon by expansion of urban areas, former rubber plantations, gold mining, logging animal agriculture, and the lure of the big city, the Ese’Eja peoples and other indigenous communities have been confined to pockets within the forest. Both indigenous community.

In twenty years, the Tambopata National Reserve has lost approximately 77% of its total tree cover loss and the destruction continues today. Like natural spaces around the world, this area is being heavily impacted.


How can you, how can I, how can we, explore and engage with these natural areas, appreciate their beauty, respect their cultures, understand their intrinsic and economic value in a global society, and advocate for protection?


All Photos taken by Will Stoll in the Tambopata National Reserve



Where Adventure Meets Exploration



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Go on an immersive expedition in Peru with explorers and other experts in learning about the environment, culture, and the importance this place has on the planet. The journey will be buggy, a bit humid, maybe a little wet, and sometimes cold, but always exciting.

Join a community of explorers and learn from their expertise. From pre-expeditionary virtual workshops to in the field participation, how do these lenses interconnect in ways that are effective in making positive changes. How does multidisciplinary learning and collaboration impact a cause?


Create an Action Piece

How can you be part of the solution? This is a call to action in the Amazon, your local community, or globally.  You are encouraged to ask questions, share stories, and engaging with one another before, during, and after the expedition. Identify a problem and become part of a productive and supportive network that fosters innovative solutions. 



How will you share your experience in the Amazon Rainforest and empower others to become part of the solution while promoting sustainability? 

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Explore. Educate. Empower.

An eclectic group of individuals coming together for a one-week adventure with students from around the world that represent a coalition of schools of globally minded innovative individuals called GAIL Schools (Global Alliance for Innovative Learning).

Through a vast network of lenses and expertise, we aim to share the interconnectedness of disciplines and cultures through authentic experiences. 

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